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Immunity to Change

While individuals, teams, and organizations might be committed to a certain change at the organizational, professional, or personal level, what prevents them from changing is their (hidden) competing commitment(s) stepping from their “big assumption”.

Traditional change management and self-help tools focus on changing negative behaviors. The assumption being that it is easy to change behavior. However, because these behaviors serve a protective mechanism, they are very likely to come back in one form or another. Additionally, new behaviors might spring up to restore the dynamic equilibrium. It is like having one foot on the gas pedal and the other foot on the brake while driving a car. Chances are that you will not move anywhere; you have an Immunity to Change.

The Immunity Mapping process will assist you in identifying your competing commitments, digging deeper, and finding the underlying assumption(s) behind these commitments. Only when you unearth your big assumption(s), can you engage in changing behaviors. The Immunity to Change process was developed over 13 years ago by Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey at Harvard University. It was successfully applied with thousands of individuals. It is a powerful intervention for creating movement in change efforts and for the adult development required for transformational change leadership.

Workshop outcomes:

  1. Have a basic understanding of Adult Development and Mental Complexity.
  2. Understand the basic theoretical underpinnings of the Immunity to Change Process.
  3. Apply the Immunity to Change process to one of your improvement goals and create the 1st draft of your Immunity to change map.