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Gillian Martin Mehers, Founder and CEO, Bright Green Learning, Switzerland

As a PhD candidate, it’s valuable to widen your pool for feedback and reflections, and I found it really useful to engage a dissertation coach for part of my journey. Mo was a great asset, providing insights on the academic context, useful resources, and ideas for navigating the journal publication process. His comments were insightful and turnaround time very quick, which is always highly appreciated, as the pace of academia can be rather slow at times. If you’re undertaking a doctoral dissertation and would appreciate additional support from outside your program, I would highly recommend Mo! [/vc_column_text]

Ahmad Humeid, Founder and General Manager at Syntax, Jordan

Working with Mohammad Raei as a coach is my first experience of this sort. I decided to work with him at a pivotal time in my career. I have been running my own successful design business for over 30 years, during which I was always wary of business consultants or advisors. In the past few years, I realized that my business is suffering from various symptoms of stagnation. And while I had already largely self-diagnosed my business situation and even came up with various strategic solutions for the future of my business and career, I decided that a journey of transition in this later phase of my career needs a partner.
My coaching conversations with Mohammad started with questions about larger life and work goals. The weekly rhythm of the meetings, even at times of great difficulty in my business, and Mohammad’s calm and focused ability to keep our conversations consistent from week to week, helped achieve an important breakthrough: a plan towards a sabbatical that has been long-delayed, including how to transition towards the sabbatical and what to use it for to re-imagine the future of my company and create a healthier work ecosystem for my team and myself. [/vc_column_text] Throughout the coaching process, Mohammad has been able, through gentle probing and questioning, to guide me to arrive at solutions towards the end of most sessions, so that I came out of our weekly meeting with a tangible step forward. In many instances, he provided me with summaries of our discussions that will help me implement the decisions that came out of our coaching session.
Having grown up in an entrepreneurial family, Mohammad’s insight and understanding is real and not just theoretical. His grasp of change management and the importance of taking a company’s team along on the journey through participation and repeated communication is yet another aspect of coaching that Mohammad brought to the table.

Asha Athman, Program Manager at Collateral Repair Project, Jordan

In my experience taking professional coaching sessions with Mohammed, I was supported in identifying my strengths and challenges in my role at work as a manager and leader. In our weekly sessions, Mohammed helped me identify goals for my professional development and worked closely with me to build out steps that aligned with my daily activities at work to envision and enact the changes that I wanted to see in myself and the team I manage. Mohammed is a strong facilitator, who listens carefully and offers feedback and follow-up based on his coachees’ unique interests and needs. The tools and discussions I have completed during my coaching sessions have benefited me immediately in my work and will offer long-term tools that will inform stronger and more sound management as I take further steps in my career.

Becky Robbins, Expressive Arts, and Nature-based Therapist, Coach, and Mentor at Inner Phoenix Embodied Arts | MA, LMHC, CYT, CEAT, Washington State, USA

I am honored to recommend Mo as a coach. He has significant skill in navigating challenges and knows just how much to push me when I need it. I love his sense of humor, directness, and ability to clarify and strategize. I continue to work with Mo to hone my goals and bust through obstacles that come up along the way. Mo is an exceptional coach, partnering with clients to bring them to a personal definition of success, and making it enjoyable along the way.

Kingsley Johnson; Managing Director, Kinetic People Development, United Kingdom

Dr. Mohammad Raei is a coach who provides valuable insights from his work and research on leadership, immunity to change, and organizational development.
When running a business, skill development and finding the time for personal growth is not easy and my time with Mo was productive and empowering. His insightful questions challenged me to dig deeper into the issues I was facing. I also gained a better understanding of the importance of recognizing how my purpose is directly linked to my levels of motivation. Working with Mo enabled me to get back into alignment much quicker and meant the goals and projects I set for myself and my team enabled us to consistently exceed our targets.

Without working with Mo, I doubt I would have achieved so many goals and milestones in such a short space of time. Mo brought his extensive experience of working with senior leaders in the US, Jordan, and Europe to our sessions and this enabled me to shift my thinking and overcome the limiting beliefs that were holding me.

For anyone considering working with Mo, I would highly recommend him. With a wealth of knowledge of the elements that underpin immunity to change and the difficulties leaders face when implementing change, he has positively impacted my personal and professional life more than he realizes.

Karam Hayef, Youth program director, Collateral Repair Project, Amman-Jordan

Mohammed has been a tremendous leadership coach, within 6 weeks of coaching, I can observe the positive change I made in my leadership style and the way I communicate with my staff and colleagues. He gives valuable insight and perspectives, he listens attentively to my words and ideas, then he throws a question or two which provokes deep and critical thinking, his ability to make you think about your goals and the way to execute them takes me to a better and higher level of performance. He presented me with valuable resources, new concepts, models, and techniques in leadership that allow me to learn more about different leadership styles, and to be more comfortable experimenting with different strategies and different ways of communication. Through his coaching sessions, I learned to embrace the conflict, and uncertainty that is happening after COVID- 19, and that has caused frustration among the leadership team and staff. He coaches me on how to identify my goals and how to communicate them better with others so it decreases miscommunication. Thanks to his guidance and coaching, I became a better version of myself on the career level and personal levels as well.

Haitham Ibrahim; Associate Instructional Professor in the Humanities, Humanities Collegiate Division (HCD), University of Chicago

In a recent coaching session, I worked with Dr Raei on a burgeoning idea for a book project. He worked with me to clearly and at a high level identify exactly what I wanted to produce. Then subsequently, using coaching questions, we reduced the scope and goals of the project without sacrificing the original plan. This made the workflow and task management more streamlined and easier to execute.[/vc_column_text]

Dr. Raei effectively used a visualization approach to accomplish our goals in the coaching meetings. Together, we employed mind-mapping tools and network representation to break down the project into its component parts. This gave us the chance to visualize alternative possibilities for the execution of the project and a modularity that evolved as we discussed it further.

Using skillful questioning, Dr. Raei also provided a client-based approach that was attentive to the needs of the original idea behind the book project while helping to guide it in ways that opened up new horizons. He drew on his experience as a published author, which was helpful in providing feedback about the writing and publishing process. And while his experience was relevant to the situation at hand, he did not make any assumptions that his own experience will necessarily translate to mine and kept me and my agenda in the driver’s seat.

Dr. Raei helped to create a comfortable atmosphere during our sessions. He listened attentively and responsively and followed up with me throughout the process of working with him. All of this made the process of working with him quite enjoyable and rewarding.

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Amanda Lane, MA, Executive Director Collateral Repair Project, Amman – Jordan

After a long discussion that lasted several weeks, we decided to adopt 360-degree feedback as a tool to help implement our new strategy of radical customer service. We sought Dr. Raei’s help in guiding us through the implementation and we were very grateful for his guidance, especially his emphasis on “process”, and in getting employees from all levels of the organization involved in defining and designing the appraisal surveys. We are now in the testing phase and feeling very good about employee buy-in, because they were involved every step of the way. Management teams are so focused on the content that it is refreshing to have someone on our side who can keep the process in sight. This has been our experience working with Dr. Raei.

Samer Kurdi, MA, Director of Emergency Assistance, Amman – Jordan

We worked with Dr. Raei on a couple of projects where he facilitated working groups with our leadership team. He provided enough structure to be productive alongside a measure of spontaneity that helped generate creative ideas. The sessions were useful and insightful and we appreciate his knowledge and his expertise.

Marcia Teixeira, MA, MBA, ICF Certified Coach/Executive Coach-Miami Beach, Florida, USA

Mohammed guided the participants of the PNODN monthly meeting through a journey of discovery of our hidden dynamic when facing change. The interactive seminar – Immunity to Change – helped me to learn more about assumptions and competing commitments that prevent us from changing and developing the necessary behaviors to do it. In the session, I learned (and I am sure all participants) to apply a new perspective and process when dealing with change. Thank you, Mohammed!

Laura Titzer, Author of No Table Too Small, Seattle, USA

Mohammed was extremely helpful with my first design of an in-depth evaluation program. He provided consultation on the structure and ensured that [my] goals, strategies, and evaluation questions were consistent throughout. He provided keen insight and thoughtful strategic thinking.

Jennifer Clifford, Public School Teacher, Washington State, USA

Dr. Raei is an amazing coach. He coached me for my job interview. He made me feel very comfortable and kept reminding me of my strengths. As a result, I got the job on the first try.

Wendy Maguire, Organizer, We the People Festival (Seattle, USA)

Mohammed was asked to come in at the last minute to help with group facilitation. He was great! He was able to step in and take stock, roll up his sleeves and begin the process with only a little bit of prep time and direction. His contributions and insights were valuable in the further development of the group’s work and the larger focus of the organizers.

Jon Ramer, Co-Founder at SINE Network (Seattle, WA)

I have worked with Mohammed and he did an excellent job at helping to design and shape our program as well as facilitate the event. I recommend him without reservation! [/vc_column_text]