Upcoming volume on leadership and spirituality

I just signed a contract with Routledge to co-edit a volume on spirituality and leadership titled “Leadership at the spiritual edge: Emerging and non-Western concepts of leadership and spirituality.

The book will:

  • Explore non-Western and Indigenous perspectives on leadership and spirituality;
  • Introduce and discuss new and cutting-edge thinking in the area of leadership from a post-religious spiritual perspective;
  • Present original and unique leadership and leadership development tools relevant to the context of spirituality and leadership; and
  • Provide critical perspectives on the shadow and dark side of spirituality and leadership, something that is often ignored when the prevalent assumption is that spirituality (and leadership) are always good or at least unproblematic, thus there is no need to discuss any downsides.

I am very excited about this book as it focuses on a couple of areas that are generally neglected. Spiritual people assume that spirituality is always good and tend to ignore the dark side. I also wanted to bring non-Western perspectives to the fore as, to this day, most of the leadership literature is based on Western ones.