Leadership Development

Leadership development is not a single event or even multiple events. State-of-the-art leadership development involves more than just skill development but makes use of adult development theory to develop leaders’ capacities. Skills are mostly simple tasks that can be broken down into smaller nuggets and lend themselves to traditional training. Capacities, on the other hand, need a longer time to develop and require a shift in the leader’s mindset and way of being.

The ideal leadership program last for at least 3 months(6-9 months better) and involves:

*A cohort of self-selecting individuals that meets initially with a facilitator for 3 days of “training”.

*Follow-up meetings at selected intervals (2 weeks, or monthly) to provide support and consultation from peers and the facilitator around the real-world implementation of the learning. This can involve action learning.

*Individual and group coaching at 2 weeks intervals to provide challenge and support around goals.

*Mentoring provided as needed.

*Organization development efforts where the whole system improves the whole system in order for new leadership behaviors to align with strategy and also to remove organizational obstacles for new leader behavior and change.